Valerie Star Art

Filling the void with colors, like a mad woman with a paintbrush that never colors within the lines of conformity.

Art is a progression that is continuously evolving. It is not contained by any one subject, idea, or medium. Pulling inspiration from dreams, emotions, visions, obsessions, imagination, and the chaos surrounding us all.

Each series within my body of work manifests from its own unique story. Where characters come with backstories, mistakes become intentional, and the idea that two ordinary things combined can make anything interesting. 

  Valerie Star is a self-taught artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Embracing various artistic styles from colorful geometric figurative to free-flowing abstracts. Venturing from one genre to the next, whether portraits in oil, abstract in Acrylic or thro

Current Features

  • Sunrise/Sunset, Bushwick Brooklyn
  • Caravan Content House in Bushwick, Brooklyn
  • Gallery show with Bushwick Street Art
  • Film - Ramona at Midlife